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Indian Accent.

Experience the real taste of Indian cuisine.

Indian by Nature Group welcomes you to our latest venture at the heart of Prague, Palladium City Centre. Our legendary Chef Sarkar had come to Prague a decade back with his culinary expertise and years of fine catering background. Chef Sarkar gained a vast range of skills in the art of authentic Indian Cuisine and this has been a true spirit of his ability to open a fourth Indian Cuisine Venture in Prague.

Our esteemed customers are aware of our well established Restaurants in Prague by the name of “Indian By Nature 1”, “Indian By Nature 2” and “Sangam” established by “Sarkar Brothers”. It has proven to be a top destination for Indian Cuisine lovers and has been patronized by International & Domestic tourists other than the elite guests of Prague. We popularized the lunch time buffet system which became very popular with corporate and regular diners from all of Europe.


Food you will fall in love.

Indian food is incomplete without Tandoor. From Tandoor world most exceptional recipes are added in Indian cuisine that made Indian Cuisine so popular worldwide. History of Tandoor takes us back by 5000 years to Indus valley and Harappan civilizations of ancient India. Traces of tandoors were found from the excavation of these historical sites.

Use of tandoor however is not limited to only the Indian subcontinent; people use tandoor in West and Central Asia as well. Traces of tandoor have also been found in ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. However, modern tandoor was brought to India by the Mughals. Portable tandoor was invented much later during the reigns of Jahangir, a Mughal ruler. It is said that portable tandoor was carried by a team of cooks whenever they travelled.


Raw materials

Our authentic Indian Cuisine at Indian Accent is Eco Friendly, fresh and healthy as our ingredients are selected from the finest available in the market and best spices are imported from origin of Cuisine.

Traditional recipes

Our experienced chefs are able to change your taste and memories of Indian cuisine by offering the best Tandooris, Curries, biryanis. Our famous Kebabs, Indian breads such as Naan and Roti and authentic rich flavoured curries bursting with flavour and originality, in which the guests can experience a multi – sensory dining experience.

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